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The Bar Group is comprised of former FBI, law enforcement and business specialists. Using our signature Unlocking the Truth© protocols and our decades of interview and behavioral analysis experience, we have trained and assisted decision makers around the world to obtain critical and actionable information from their interviews and document analysis. The BAR Group offers live training sessions, web based training, and individual consulting services that are essential to helping our clients obtain reliable, accurate information on which to base their critical decisions.  The BAR Group’s customized services and training are continually updated to reflect the most current scientific, practical and user-specific interviewing methods available.




Falling victim to deception adversely affects your professional, private and/or financial lives. But, you can stop that from happening to you! The BAR Group now offers their highly acclaimed Unlocking the Truth© training curriculum in a dynamic and interactive web based format.

It will show you how to reliably identify deception and teach you simple interviewing skills that help you uncover the truth before you make important decisions. This useful and reliable web based training will significantly improve your skill and confidence in knowing when someone is lying to you, and teach you how to effectively draw out truthful information from others, including reluctant or difficult people.  The course helps you assess your current capabilities and eliminate your bad interviewing habits. Then it shows you how to employ a fundamental, simple methodology and some easily remembered behavioral cues to spot signs of deception. 


Finally, you will learn effective non-adversarial techniques to ask questions that encourage others to disclose even the most sensitive of information.  Take control of your destiny today by learning how to Unlock the Truth!

The growing problem of Insider Threat to corporate America is the reason the Bar Group has expanded its business offerings to help combat the most difficult issues associated with Insider Threat inquiries. Preventing asset loss, a data breach or other compromise of sensitive information at the hands of a trusted insider is not a new concept. However, the enterprise risk management lens is now focused on mitigation strategies to detect insider activities earlier and with more precision. Publicly embarrassing and costly incidents, largely attributable to internal security failures, have increased awareness to the issue.

Our training solutions can assist your organization in two critical ways. First, we have developed an all employee awareness program that deals directly with Insider Threat. This training module is presented in a virtual format designed for employees coming on-board, current employees and for employees separating from the organization, making it useful during all phases of the employment cycle. The training module includes review questions, a final exam and a digital signature of acknowledgement. The exam and acknowledgment certify that viewers fully understand what constitute Insider Threats, intellectual property, the civil and criminal penalties of intentionally or negligently participating in such activities as well as the potentially severe unintended consequences.

Let’s summarize the benefits to your organization by employing the Bar Group methodology:

  • Protection of organization’s employees. (studies have shown 67% of employees suspected of insider threat violations indicate they were not aware their actions were detrimental to the company or illegal)

  • Mitigation of civil claims against the organization.

  • An aid to legal actions (civil and criminal) of an involved employee


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