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Whether you are a business executive collecting information to make critical decisions for you company, a professional whose reputation depends on the confidence with which you assess information, or an individual making decisions in your personal life - you are lied to multiple times every day. Unlocking the Truth© gives you the skills necessary to avoid the negative outcomes that are imminent if someone successfully lies to you.

Unlocking the Truth© gives you:

  • skills to effectively analyze the behavior of others,

  • a simple, objective method to reliably identify deception,

  • a structured approach to questioning that makes deception apparent,

  • influence skills that support you in effectively collecting the facts that are critical to your success.

The Bar Group is devoted to providing our clients with the most current, effective and useful behavioral analysis, interview and influence skills available. These resources are available through live group training courses, web based training and customized, client-specific consulting engagements.  

Our live training sessions are designed with client specific practical exercises to enhance the relevance of the skills we share. This approach gives participants an immediate value-added skill-set in their everyday work, and helps them realize how they can use these new skills of behavior assessment to their company’s advantage.  

We realize that live training isn’t always accessible for people who want to experience Unlocking the Truth©. So, we developed an online version of this acclaimed training that allows participants to learn the same unique and powerful skills progressing at their own speed. 

Now, whether in live sessions or on the web, everyone can learn to avoid negative outcomes in their lives by Unlocking the Truth©.


What is the most important behavior to show someone is lying?

We collect deceptive indicators in groups to raise our level of confidence in our assessment instead of using them individually. We are commonly asked if we watch eye movement and closed posture to identify deception. We do not use these behaviors in order to ensure our methodology is gender and culturally neutral.



How long does it take to become proficient using these skills?

You will be able to begin using these skills immediately keeping in mind it is no different than any learned skill such as a golf lesson. The more practice the better and more efficient you will become. Without the training, just like golf, you can practice mistakes for twenty years with the same result.



I work in an HR environment and I have to treat people with trust and respect. Can I use your interviewing techniques without interrogating people?

Yes, our customized instructional packages teach corporate America how to identify deception for use in critical decisions, but treat people in a way that is non-threatening and non-adversarial enhancing their ability to collect sensitive information without conflict helping to preserve important relationships.



Some people are really good liars and some are just obnoxious and rude. How can I interview these people and get good results?

Planning, persistence and professionalism are among your best tools when interviewing these difficult personalities. The good news is that the assessment and interview skill sets we share with clients are geared specifically to taking away the tools these some individuals can use against us. We boost participants confidence by practicing our techniques in realistic, but no-harm, live interview exercises during Live Fire© sessions.



How much does your training cost?

Most of our training is customized for specific corporate and government clients. During the year, we do provide open session training for individuals and smaller companies from various professions. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.



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