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Benefits of Insider Threat Awareness Training

Training Description


The BAR Group has created an interactive employee awareness course which:

  • Increases awareness of what constitutes the organization’s proprietary and intellectual property.

  • Assists in recognizing the motivations and strategies that might identify an Insider Threat within the organization.

  • Explains the civil and criminal aspects of the Economic Espionage Act (EEA) and Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) and how they apply to the organization and its employees and contractors.

  • Training Includes an embedded testing function and digital signature acknowledgement wherein the employee demonstrates and certifies their understanding of and willingness to comply with the cannons of the course material.  Their test results are archived and available to management if needed.

For as long as there has been commerce, there has been espionage. The methods for spying on competitors have changed over time, but the desire to uncover or steal a rival’s trade secrets has not!

Evidence of the ability of individuals, both inside employees and outside contractors, to cause damage and even destroy a company continues to grow, with a reported global cost of $455 billion annually.

What has come to be known as "Insider Threat" has been ranked as the third most significant U.S. risk, surpassed only by business interruptions and supply chain risks, (ranked #1), and natural catastrophes (ranked #2).

Organizations rely heavily on Intellectual Property (IP).  In order for most organizations to succeed and to maintain a competitive edge, measures must be taken to protect these assets which include inventions, discoveries, works of authorship, proprietary techniques and business information or "Trade Secrets."

To protect an organization’s intellectual property, corporate management has turned to the BAR Group which has an expertise in developing and implementing appropriate training and awareness measures.  Encompassed in our training are the basic concepts and understanding of Intellectual Property, the laws protecting it, and means to avoid any potential consequences resulting from a possible infraction of applicable laws.

  • Protection of organization’s employees. (studies have shown 67% of employees suspected of insider threat violations indicate they were not aware their actions were detrimental to the company or illegal)

  • Mitigation of civil claims against the organization.

  • An aid to legal actions (civil and criminal) of an involved employee


Pricing & Branding


The BAR Group's Insider Threat Awareness Training is totally customizable to your organization's specifications and needs.  Branding

with your organizations logo and message is possible. Please click the button below to contact a representative to discuss pricing structures and branding opportunities.

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