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Leveraging Influence© is a unique, advanced interview skills course that enhances a participants ability to collect critical and truthful information. Capitalizing on psychological aspects of social influence, and active listening, the course teaches a low-key, interpersonal approach to effectively obtaining truthful and actionable information from reluctant or difficult people, without damaging relationships. These non-coercive techniques have been effective in evoking critical information from employees in the hiring process, people under suspicion of misconduct or criminal activity, candidates being considered for critical promotions, and senior management officials suspected of fraudulent activities, to name a few. Equally at home in the boardroom, the exam room, and the interview room these advanced techniques elicit more reliable information, help interviewers assess the likely impact of a deceptive person’s strategy, and lead to more confident and accurate decision making.

Length: Four hours (expandable, with practical exercises)

Prerequisite Courses: Unlocking the Truth©

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