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Unlocking the Truth© is The BAR Group's essential training course, and it is a pre-requisite for the rest of the courses on this page. Unlocking the Truth© teaches our clients how to obtain reliable, usable information from their interviews by employing a streamlined combination of detection identification techniques, interviewing, and social influence skills. These non-confrontational, non-aggressive skill-sets are designed to significantly enhance the information gathering tools our clients already use, while helping them maintain good relationships with the people they interview. The course material is based on the most reliable scientific and experiential techniques known, continually updated for current improvements to meet the dynamic challenges of today's interpersonal business and personal relationships.

The day-long training takes into account the needs of the participants, using examples from their own experiences as part of the training material whenever possible.  The course is presented in an interpersonal environment by two BAR Group experts who combine thought-provoking lecture and challenging exercises with relevant video to stimulate classroom contributions from every participant.  Unlocking the Truth© is composed of two inter-dependent skill sets, Identifying Deception and Interpersonal Interview Skills.

Identifying Deception© (ID):

In this segment, participants get a description of what deception is, and then assess their own current abilities of detecting it.  After acquiring techniques to eliminate personal bad habits and avoid common obstacles, participants learn to identify reliable verbal and non-verbal cues that indicate people:

  • may be unsure about the veracity of the information they are providing

  • may be omitting relevant information, or

  • may be purposely lying about the information they are providing

These veracity assessment skills can be applied to both verbal and written forms of communication. They are of significant importance to clients who want to avoid situations when not knowing the facts could have a negative impact on their professional or personal lives.

Interpersonal Interview Skills© (IIS):

Interviewing is a dynamic, interpersonal event. A person being interviewed, especially a deceptive person, continually weighs the words and behaviors of an interviewer before responding. For that reason participants in our training learn how to integrate deception identification with effective interview techniques. The thoughtful coordination of these non-confrontational skills is designed to optimize the discovery of critical information that is elusive and usually goes undetected in most interviews. Systematic development of well-crafted and well-timed questions is combined with application of social influence practices that encourage disclosure of factual, sensitive information, even from difficult people. The ability to simultaneously maintain, even improve, the relationship with the person being interviewed is an invaluable aspect of the BAR Group's approach to interviewing. Interpersonal Interview Skills can have a major impact on critical business, professional and personal decisions. Valuable on its own, Unlocking the Truth© is the prerequisite course for advanced BAR Group training, consultation and analytical products.

Length: Eight hours

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