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The Bar Group is devoted to providing our clients with the most current and effective behavioral analysis, interview and elicitation resources available. These resources are available through group training courses and through individualized, client-specific consulting engagements.

We offer a line of instructional seminars that train participants in the art and science of identifying deception, influence strategies, and elicitation of critical information. These sessions offer techniques designed to work in concert with participants existing skillsets, rather than to replace or supplant them. This ensures an immediate value-added result for participants, beginning on the day of training.

In each course, our expert instructors combine lecture with relevant videos, real-world examples and audience participation to create a challenging, enjoyable and valuable learning environment.

Our training seminars are designed to assure manageable size groups and incorporate custom designed practical exercises, using case facts from the audiences own experience to enhance the relevance of the systems and methods taught.

Seminar attendees depart our seminars with the skills to:

  • Reliably assess deceptive behavior and deceptive strategies that are intended to conceal critical information

  • Establish effective interview strategies that identify crucial issues and enhance the collection of essential information

  • Conduct effective, non-coercive interviews that maintain relationships, even when addressing sensitive issues or contending with difficult individuals

  • Analyze the potential intent and impact of deceptive strategies before making critical decisions

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