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Falling victim to deception adversely affects your professional, private and/or financial lives. But, you can stop that from happening to you! The BAR Group now offers their internationally acclaimed Unlocking the Truth© training curriculum in a dynamic and interactive web based format. This Unlocking the Truth © CPE curriculum is now approved by NASBA for 9.5 hours of CPE credits.   It will show you how to reliably identify deception and teach you simple interviewing skills that help you uncover truthful facts, before you make important decisions. This useful and reliable web based training will significantly improve your skill and confidence in knowing when someone is lying to you, and teach you how to effectively draw out truthful information from others, including reluctant or difficult people.  The course helps you assess your current capabilities and eliminate your bad habits. Then it shows you how to employ a fundamental, simple methodology and some easily remembered behavioral cues to spot signs of deception.  And, finally, you learn to couple these skills with sound and effective ways to ask questions that encourage others to disclose even the most sensitive of information.  Take more control of your destiny today by learning how to Unlock the Truth!


Unlocking the Truth© is broken down into common-sense modules for ease of use:

Module 1:  What is deception and why is it important in so many aspects of our lives? Decisions we make and actions we take can be significantly influenced when we are fooled by the successful deceptions of others.  In this initial segment of our Unlocking the Truth© we will provide a definition of deception and give participants the opportunity to self-assess their current level of skill at identifying lies.  Participants will meet the instructors and participate in a challenging video exercise as they begin this effective and useful training.

Module 2:  Both the ability to identify deception and the talent to obtain the truth are often undermined by the interviewer’s own actions.  In this Module participants will learn how to overcome and avoid significant, self-imposed obstacles.  They will also learn the importance of formal training in improving both their capability and their level of confidence in assessing falsehoods.  An examination of the communication process leads to the introduction of the BAR Group’s simple, objective and effective engine for identifying deception, The Behavioral Assessment Triad.

Module 3:  In the next two segments you will learn about reliable verbal indicators of deception – the ones our experts use to make their assessments.  These are the most consistent verbal signs - intended and unintended - that deceptive people exhibit in response to an interviewer’s question.  You will have some reinforcing quizzes along the way to help you master them.

Module 4:  Building on what was presented in Module 3, participants will be exposed to the remainder of the reliable verbal indicators our experts use.  Because the overall list is short, these indicators are easy for you to remember and begin using right away.

Module 5:  Non-verbal indicators of deception are just as important as the verbal signs.  In this Module students will learn how the autonomic nervous system causes unintended and uncontrollable non-verbal behaviors to be exhibited during a deceptive person’s response to an interviewer’s questions.

Module 6:   Now that participants are familiar with the Behavioral Assessment Triad (BAT) and have learned the reliable Verbal and Nonverbal deceptive indicators, they put these skills to use as they get a second chance to pick out the guilty suspect in the video introduced in Module 1.  This is an eye-opening exercise and a transition to the next two Modules, which will focus on combining their new deception assessment skills with the effective interviewing skills needed to encourage people to disclose factual information.

Module 7: At this point Unlocking the Truth© participants know how to identify deception, and they have half of the equation for uncovering truthful information.  Now they will learn the other half.  Module 7 explores important concepts of Interview Strategy, Behavioral Influence, and Active Listening and shows you how to apply them in your quest for facts.  These non-confrontational, non-aggressive techniques afford interviewers the best opportunity for getting people – even difficult people – to disclose critical information.

Module 8: Early on, participants learned that the questions they ask are the key to driving deceptive indicators.  This Module explores Question Development in depth. First, it exposes detrimental questions that should never be used, and then teaches powerful, effective question types that drive deceptive behaviors and help draw out truthful facts.  Participants also learn how the experts use soft language, re-enforcement, reward and other simple techniques to encourage a continual flow of facts.  Module 8 rounds out the list of effective skills that make Unlocking the Truth© the best, most useable method for obtaining the truth available anywhere. These skills, that virtually anyone can master, can change your life.

Module 9: (CPE Versions Only):  Participants who are eligible to receive Continuing Professional Education (CPE) units must pass a test demonstrating their mastery of the course material. This challenging, interactive final exam encompasses the skills you learned in Modules 1-8.  A certificate for 9.5 CPE hours is awarded upon successful completion of the training curriculum and a score of 70 or higher on this exam.

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